Edward Atkinson

Chief Executive Officer

After a few years pretending to go to Leeds University, Ed cut his teeth with Malmaison Hotels, Stakis Casinos, and various high end nightclubs and restaurants in Liverpool and Cheshire during his misspent youth; before having a string of successful and some not-so-successful pub leases during the early 00’s. It was suffering at the hands of the pub-co’s that spurred Ed to go down the freehold free-of-tie route AtWill enjoy today.

At 35 he enjoys the sleepless nights two young children provide, the love and support of long-suffering  Clare, and their 12 stone Dogue De Bordeaux, Louis. 

Outside of work Ed tends to preoccupy himself with retirement-type pastimes like mowing the lawn, complaining he needs an early night, and constantly asking Clare where his socks are. 

He has been known to cut himself loose though, only once a year nowadays, with some quite dramatic consequences, involving random helicopters, boats, and has been known to forget where he left his car: much to Clare’s displeasure. It’s fair to say that when Ed does go out, he really goes out.

Ed loves proper pubs, microbrewery ales and wine, and is often heard he’s “starting back at the gym”. We’ve yet to see him in his tracksuit…..