Fred Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Fred is married to Annie, they have four grown up children, and a dog called Charlie.

Fred started his adult life in the film industry. Small parts in some arty black and white French films , culminated in being the stunt double for Bob, in the 1987 British cult classic film:  Rita Sue and Bob Too.

Fred “retired” from being Bob’s stunt double after several sell out tours, and moved into pubs for a quieter life. 

Having run and owned pubs and clubs since flares were in fashion last, Fred is the gospel on what makes a pub work. His eye to detail, and control on costs makes him a proven operator, and his sense of humour keeps everyone smiling (often in bemusement, they say there is a fine line between genius and madness).

Fred loves a pint, and he is continually trying to break the record for the most pints drank in a session at The Cock and Pullet. He has held the record for some four years now, and nobody has yet beaten his 24 pint record. He welcomes challenges daily, please form an orderly queue.

Annie would like to add that whilst Fred has been accepting challenges, Fred’s dog Charlie has eaten the majority of Fred’s dinners for the last 4 years.