Laura Barton

Office Junior

Laura is the voice of AtWill pubs. Drinking vodka and coke all weekend, and wobbling her head from side to side whilst animatedly telling stories of her night out shenanigans to the rest of the office are Laura’s most common activities.

Laura has OCD, which is handy when it comes to having a tidy office. She also makes a cracking cup of tea.

Interesting facts about Laura include her having only one kidney (she sold the other one in order to buy some new shoes), and she also has an annual pass to Chester Zoo which is she very proud about, as she constantly reminds us “you don’t have to go for the full day- you don’t feel bad only going for an hour, ‘cos you can go whenever you want!”. Great Laura, tell us again?!

Laura also goes by the pseudonyms Lolly and Looby Loo!

Although a few thousand miles away, Laura is more than slightly concerned about the Ebola virus.