Richard Cooper

Richie (aka Ginger Coop) is the manager of The Beartown Cock, Congleton.

Having run pubs since he was an egg, The Bear’s in good hands with Rich at the helm. A lover of cask ales and red wine (in large quantities), Rich is engaged to Mandy, a vet’s receptionist who we reckon wears the trousers (she’s planning their marriage and starting a family all in the next 12 months apparently- Go Mandy!). They have a lovely black lab, Franklin, who’s often seen around the pub making friends.

Rich has a passion for fast cars, and fancies himself as a bit of a Stig.

Interesting facts about Rich include having gone on tour with the rugby team and having to carry a deceased squirrel with him the whole time. We’ve not asked why….what goes on tour stays on tour.